Quality pictures

We still take our pictures in the same studio that Pouw de Boer started in 1925. We did add a décor with three options: a traditional fireplace, a Volendam cottage and the harbour with sea view. We also decorated the studio with original items such as fishing nets, Delft Blue plates, milk canisters, copper kettles and furniture. Each detail contributes to the authentic atmosphere that makes a picture in costume so special.

Skills and experience

Nowadays anyone can call himself a photographer, but that is no guarantee for a successful picture. Therefore we highly value the fact that our Paulien de Boer is a qualified photographer. Moreover, we have made tens of thousands of pictures in costume, so we know what works best. Our skills and experience come together in first-class photos. Just as beautiful as those of the many celebrities before you. Picture perfect!


Do you have a question or would you like more information about your picture in costume? Call or mail us, we’re happy to help.<br>One of our photo studios is on the ground floor and easily accessible for wheelchair users. <br>This studio has capacity for 25 persons. We offer extra assistance for wheelchair users when dressing up, if required.

Wij zijn elke dag geopend, ook op zondag!

Hoogseizoen: 1 mei tot 1 september van 09.00 uur tot 19.00 uur.
Laagseizoen: 1 september tot 1 mei van 09:00 uur tot 18:00 uur.

Je kunt altijd zo binnenlopen, maar voor groepen vanaf 10 personen is het verstandig om even te reserveren