A picture together

Having your picture taken in costume is fun, easy and quick (and affordable!) Here are the three steps that will create your unique picture.

1. Reception and dress-up

An assistant takes you to the photo studio. Men and women are separated and a costume is selected for everyone. No need to undress; the costume is worn over your own clothes. One of the assistants will help you. Then it is time to try on a pair of wooden shoes. Dressing up is often the cause of much hilarity and an experience in itself.

2. Composition and pictureo

Once everyone is fully dressed, it is time to strike a pose in the photo studio. The decor is selected, as well as props and accessories. There are many to choose from, how about an accordion, a stone pipe, a bottle of gin or a fish basket? Or would you choose a yoke, a round cheese, a coffee grinder or a bunch of tulips? With an expert eye the photographer positions everyone in the scene. And with a ‘click’, the moment is captured.

3. Fast service

While you’re still taking off your costume, we are already busy with printing your pictures in the desired size. This takes less than half an hour. In the meantime you can browse our shop or go for a stroll on the Dijk, along the harbour. There’s a lot more to experience there, see for instance www.WelcometoVolendam.com


Do you have a question or would you like more information about your picture in costume? Call or mail us, we’re happy to help.<br>One of our photo studios is on the ground floor and easily accessible for wheelchair users. <br>This studio has capacity for 25 persons. We offer extra assistance for wheelchair users when dressing up, if required.

Wij zijn elke dag geopend, ook op zondag!

Hoogseizoen: 1 mei tot 1 september van 09.00 uur tot 19.00 uur.
Laagseizoen: 1 september tot 1 mei van 09:00 uur tot 18:00 uur.

Je kunt altijd zo binnenlopen, maar voor groepen vanaf 10 personen is het verstandig om even te reserveren